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Broken production line

The magnetic dressing plant

Production Capacity:10-280t/h

Application Scope:Applicable to the particle size of 3mm below the magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite and other materials, wet magnetic separation.

Components:The new type mineral processing production line is consist by the jaw crusher, ball mill, grading machine, magnetic separator, thickener and other major equipment.

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Performance Characteristics

Reasonable technology 

The magnetic dressing plant is one of the most common one in the various ore dressing plant. There are advantages of it with easy operation and convenient maintenance. Especially, the technology is reasonable which can decrease the invest.

Low requirements for the running environment


The wide application makes the low requirements for the running environment. The occupied area is not wide. It is also can be used in dry area. It is suitable for different environment, geology, climate.


High efficient and low consumption

The maintenance of each equipment in the magnetic dressing plant is very easy. All the quick-wear parts are made by the latest high-strength wear-resistant materials. The abrasion is low and the service time is long.

Low invest

The equipment layout of the magnetic dressing plant is compact, scientific & reasonable, with advance technology. The fault rate is low. So low invest with quick and good economic returns is the main characteristic of it.


Working Principle

The ore stone is crushed by the jaw crusher primarily. Then the crushed ore would be sent into ball mill by elevators or feeders after crushing to the suitable size. Then, the ore is crushing and ground by the ball mill. The next step is to classify. The ore is washed and classified by the spiral classifier with the principles of The specific gravity of the solid particles is different and the rate of precipitation in the liquid is different. Then the ore is put into magnetic separator. The magnetic materials are separated from the mixture by the magnetic and mechanical forces. The materials from the magnetic separator is put into the flotation machine. Add different chemical agents according to different ore features. Then the material you wanted is separated from others. The water content is high in the material. So you need to concentrate it by thickener and then dry by the dryer. Then you can get the dry ore concentrates.


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